1.Portable EV

We at fully Charged are currently developing a novel product that can serve the clean transportation industry, where it will allow consumers to charge their car off the grid and on the go. You will no longer worry about running out of charge in the middle of the road. It is a perfect solution for desert camping and safari cruising, where you can take your power source anywhere! Stay tuned.

Stay Updated once the product is available

Petrol to Electric
Car Conversion

Many consumers are deeply attached to their classic Petrol cars and never think of adopting an EV in near future. At Fully Charged UAE, we are thinking of the perfect solution to give your classic Petrol car a sustainable new life, by converting the drivetrain from Petrol engine into battery powered electric motor. It makes perfect sense as the mobility industry is moving towards sustainability and the classic petrol cars ends up in scrap yard.

Stay Updated once the product is available